A Sportsman’s Wilderness

The Sportsman’s Wilderness is a collection of selected articles and images from the magazine The American Sportsman, an outdoor publication that was printed in the 1970’s. The book provides a look into the world of the “sportsman” from this generation.

The stories in the book, “convey the almost mystical exhilaration that can be experienced in the wilderness, and emotion well and fully understood by mountain men and Indians who gazed into the mist hovering above white water. It is an emotion akin to the Indian’s spiritual visions, and one forgotten by, or unknown to, people caught up in getting and spending, or in bracing themselves against urban tensions.” –Excerpt from the introduction by Robert Elman.

Robert Elman goes on in the introduction to describe the nature of outdoor sports writing at the time,:”For several years a quiet revolution has been taking shape in writing about hunting, fishing, wilderness camping, packing-in by foot or horse, canoeing, and allied outdoor activities. Experts in these pursuits have been turning away from simplistic “how-to” articles on baiting hooks or leading ducks, and conducting far more instructive, incisive explorations of the wild world in which sportsmen and their quarry exist.

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