Opening Day Trout

Opening day, 1957

The tradition of an “opening day” for trout season has long been a tradition in this country, however here in the Old Dominion the last opening day was April 1st 1995. After that date the state went to a year round season on trout which was obviously popular with many sportsmen.

Early spring on the Rapidan

On opening day trout streams were packed with anglers standing shoulder to shoulder to catch their creel limit for the day. This weekend I had my own ceremonious “opening day” for Spring trout. My experience however was very much the opposite of the old opening days, in fact I only saw two other anglers out there that day.

A brook trout munching on a light cahill

For a first day of spring book trout fishing I couldn’t have asked for better conditions. Water levels were perfect following the rain we have received over the past few weeks and the trout themselves didn’t disappoint. They were striking and jumpingĀ  through the air at dry flies all day long. Looking forward to more days like this one and I hope your opening day was as good as mine.

Necessary tools of the trade