Smoked Pt.3 – Thanksgiving Edition
November 28, 2010, 6:09 pm
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In our family there is one Thanksgiving tradition that has always been consistent, even the years spent as vegetarians,  and that is a smoked turkey. Honestly I cant remember ever having anything but a smoked turkey for the holiday. As with other smoked meats described on WildWood before, you want to make sure you give you bird a good long soak in an cold brine over night, and while you’re at it make sure those beers get a icy bath as well.

Very early the next morning pull that bird out of its brine bath and rinse it off and dry it. After that rub it with a dry rub. For turkey, and Thanksgiving for that matter, I lay off the chili powder and go with a lot of paprika and garlic powder.

After getting that rub on, get it on the smoker cause its gonna take all day to get that bird ready for the meal. For smoke I stick with Apple wood primarily with a few other chunks of hickory.

Smoke it for roughly 1/2 hour per pound but use a thermometer to be sure. Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving.