Smoked Pt.2
June 1, 2010, 7:16 pm
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Because many of you enjoyed the chickens, I thought I would continue to share with you my meat smoking exploits. Over the long Memorial Day weekend I had the opportunity to smoke a brisket with my father, the man who taught me everything I know about smoking. In the end it turned out alright, a little dry, brisket is probably one of the toughest cuts of meat to smoke.

Whereas with the chickens which I smoked on a smoker, the brisket we did the on the grill with the indirect method. Make sure to rub up the brisket the night before with whatever you are using for a rub.

Push all the coals over to one side of the grill and put you meat on the opposite side, add some mesquite or hickory and let it go for at least 4 hours. Some say you should wrap it mid way with foil and baste it…maybe I should try that next time.