Free Life Center

Our friends over at A Mystery in Common are working on a collaboration for a T shirt with the Free Life Center out in Portland Oregon.  Consisting of two artists, Mark Warren Jacques & Seth Neefus, the Free Life Center will tour around the Pacific Northwest later this month.

The endeavor is probably best described as follows, “Mark Warren Jacques & Seth Neefus are two Portland-based artists embarking on a dream and you are invited to join them as they take their mobile art center on a nomadic journey.”
-Leslie Miller
Pacific Northwest College of Art

Description from their site:

-Free Life Center is a hand-crafted, one room structure, viewed as and art installation as well as an experience.

-Built primarily of reclaimed / salvaged materials (thanks ReBuilding Center), the structure emanates the artists’ homespun aesthetic and commitment to a high level of DIY craftsmanship.

-Within the building viewers are encouraged to explore every nook and cranny; finding that each element (painting, drawing, video projection, sound, performance) has been considered as a part of the construction and experience in whole.

-As a modularly designed structure (i.e. designed and built in movable pieces) Free Life Center may be modified in size to be shown in a wide variety of viewing contexts including gallery, venue, and natural environments.

-At its largest configuration the structure is 12ft width X 16ft length X 10ft in height. (24 person capacity inside structure)