Homespun Weather Forecasting

I recently picked up an old copy of the L.L. Bean Guide to the Outdoors. The book has some beautiful illustrations, along with lots of great know-how on the “great outdoors.” There is a section however on how to predict the weather when out in the backcountry which recalls many of the old sayings that seamen used to predict the future forecast…I think I am going to start using these instead of weather.com

Mackerel scales and mares’ tails

Make lofty ships carry low sails

llbean weather 3


Red Sky at morning, sailors take warning;

Red sky at night, sailors’ delight.

llbean weather 4


“It stands to reason that men who live close to the weather understand it best – seamen, farmers, trappers and loggers, whose work is subject to its whims. Long before the advent of government forecasting services, it was they who observed the natural signs – and they who composed some of the early weather rhymes which, while not infallible , are remarkable accurate.”

– Bill Riviere, The LL Bean Guide to the Outdoors

llbean weather 2

A warm front moving over a land mass

llbean weather 1

An approaching cold front