Saturday Projects:Spring Garden Preparations
March 23, 2011, 8:38 am
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Continuing the preparations for the spring’s vegetable garden beds, this weekend we cleaned out what was left of last years fall garden and prepped the soil for new growth.

The raised beds we built last fall held up very well over the winter and the soil was still in great shape. However the lettuces and greens we grew in the fall had grown pretty unruly and at this point mostly to bitter to eat.

The only thing worth salvaging was the kale the rest of the roughage went straight to the compost. The onions and garlic which established themselves well during the winter months will stay in the ground til at least June when they should be ready to harvest. Now the question is, what should we plant?

Gardener’s Year Book

For those of you planning a spring vegetable garden, or fall garden depending on where in the world you are, I thought you might appreciate some helpful hints from the House and Garden’s Gardener’s Yearbook for 1939.

This is a basic set of tools any gardener will need to get started, a trowel, a hoe for cultivating, a spade, and a spade to dig up soil.  However you might also want to have these around.

And depending on the size or type of garden y0u have you also might want some of these tools…

Make sure to aerate your soil real good and add plenty of compost and fertilizer.

When the soil is ready add go ahead and sow in those seedlings you started a few weeks earlier. Now all you have to do is hope no varmint eats your veggies.

Saturday Projects: Raised Garden Beds
September 27, 2010, 7:07 pm
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This past weekend I finally got the chance to build some new garden beds for vegetable at our new home. I didn’t get a chance the past spring and wanted to get something started so we could at least have a fall garden. As the first installment of what will become a reoccurring category of post here at Wildwood, I wanted to share with you the simple steps for creating a basics raised garden bed.

First build yourself some boxes, any size any wood, preferably a hardwood like cedar which will naturally fend off rot, and never use pressure treated wood either. Also you want t make sure they are fairly level with the ground. We had to account for a change in grade here cause the yard slopes off.

Then you want to either remove the top layer of sod with a shovel, or if you are feeling lazy like us either put down cardboard or several layers of new paper to keep the weeds from growing through.

Then if you are using the lazy method of spreading you previous weeks NY Times on the grass you want to soak it with water just to help it begin to break down a bit.

Now you are ready for your dirt. If you are starting a garden from scratch like this you want to mostly use organic matter, so fill em up with straight up compost. If you want to be a little cheap like us through in some peat moss to keep things airy. Also some perlite will help with drainage. After that water the soil real good and wait a day before planting seeds or transplants. We have a bunch of lettuces and greens planted along with onion and garlics which will be ready in the spring.