"Peacock" Pocket Warmer
December 15, 2009, 1:11 pm
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Bought this Peacock pocket warmer at a yard sale over the summer and now since the weather has become so cold I might actually get a chance to use it. Handwarmers like this one are definitely an older technology. Essentially they are a smoldering ball of fueled soaked cotton in a metal case that you stick in your pocket and hope you don’t catch on fire while fishing.  Either way they are beautiful objects and better then carrying one of those chemical sack handwarmers in your pocket.

The shiny Peacock comes in a purple crush velvet case that after its lit you put it back into before stuffing it into your pocket.

While I haven’t used this yet I’m thinking about getting some lighter fluid and giving it a try next time I go fishing, hopefully I won’t catch fire.