Stalking Trout
September 13, 2011, 8:35 pm
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While most anglers in the area still have their attention turned to wide rivers and smallmouth action, this weekend I had brook trout on the mind, and so I headed to a small stream in the mountains to stalk them. However this time of year catching brook trout can prove difficult. With water levels at their lowest, mountain streams are reduced to trickles, and brook trout become easily spooked and pretty skeptical of the fly no matter how well presented to them.

With water this low at times these fish find themselves stuck in small pools of water waiting for the next heavy rain to fill the steam beds and allow them to be freed. Approaching these pools as quietly as possible, slightly hunched over, one barely casts their line rather you gently place your fly in the current hoping you are lucky enough to convince one or two of them to get out of their cool holes for a meal.

Yeah, the fish might be small, but its always a good excuse to get out into the mountains for a bit.


Moormans River
December 7, 2010, 8:01 pm
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This past weekend I was able to get out and do some early winter fly fishing on the headwaters of the Moormans River. The section I fished is a less than idylic setting but because it is stocked a few times a year by the local Trout Unlimited chapter you are sure to catch some beautiful rainbows.

The water was frigid and the fish happy to entertain these peach colored woolly buggers I was throwing them. Even though the fish were biting the cold got to me and I took off after just a few hours knowing there would be more days of winter trout fishing ahead.