Holy Land
March 18, 2010, 7:10 pm
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Despite whatever your political opinions are about the place and whatever religious affiliation you associate with, Israel is an undeniably unique and holy place. The epicenter of its holiness is located within the walls of the old city of Jerusalem, a city which is a religious pilgrimage for all the Abrahamic faiths and constantly buzzing with the energy and activity of people in religious rapture.

Its not all religion in Jerusalem, the old city contains an amazing labyrinth like market known as the “souq” (pronounced shook) in Arabic. Here you can find pretty much anything you want from spices to kitchen items and clothes. Part of this shopping experience is being able to brush off  pushy and the multi-lingual shop keepers found here. You also have to be prepared to bargain with them, the prices they offer tourist are way more then what the products are worth.

This is just the start of some of the photos I took there with our new Canon G11, can’t say enough good things about this camera. More to come, also some more found here.