Charlottesville Woolen Mills
October 7, 2009, 9:35 am
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As of late there has been alot of interest in clothing that is  branded or named as “Woolen Mills.” Fueled by the work wear aesthetic and renewed interest in heritage or American made garments, brands such as Pendelton Woolen Mills or Woolrich Woolen Mills have experienced an . However as this trend continues  I can’t help but think about the Woolen Mills I know of in my town of Charlottesville.

Located on the Rivanna River and in the shadow of Jefferson’s Monticello the mill was constructed in the 1850’s. First making garments for the confederate army it was in service for over a century until the 1960’s when it closed its doors for good. Its workers and their families built their lives and community around the mill all living within walking distance of work. While its garments may not still be available to wear its history is accessible simply by walking through the neighborhood.

For more information on the mill and its history visit Bill Emory’s blog and website, this is where the majority of the images come from.

Bonnie Prince Billy at Fry's Spring Beach Club
May 26, 2009, 10:05 am
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A good time was had by all at the sold out Bonnie Prince Billy show at the Fry’s Spring Beach Club Sunday night here in Charlottesville. As much as I like his music, the live show provided something not heard on the albums. At the end of the night the beach club was a sweaty mess of beer laden folk.

Accompanying Mr. Oldham’s memorable stage presence was an eclectic mixture of musicians that helped hold down the beat. The band powered through what seemed like 20 or so songs, some off the new record and some old ones.

The Fry’s Spring Beach Club, where they played, is a throw back to neighborhood pool clubs of yesteryear. With its wood panneled walls and lack of modern air handling, it was an appropriate venue for the last show of their tour.