September 7, 2011, 7:45 pm
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A bit over two years ago we posted here  about Lou Ureneck’s journey to build a cabin in rural Maine which he documented on a blog through the NY Times website. The construction of the cabin and the subsequent blog wrapped up sometime last year and now the full story of his experience has be read in a book he wrote appropriately called Cabin.

The cabin itself turned out beautiful however obviously there is a bit more to the story then simply the building of a cabin, like the opportunity to the reconnect with his brother, which he hints at in his final post on the times blog when he says, “It has been a gift to me in my 50’s to have spent a year with my brother in the woods, creating a space that we can return to, year after year, for fishing, talking or planning the next project.” I look forward to reading the book. For more up to date reports from the cabin deep in the wilds of Maine check out Lou’s blog here.