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May 20, 2012, 8:46 pm
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Recently while cleaning out our wood shop at work a friend found this old copy of Anybody’s Bike Book and he kindly dropped it on my desk as a gift. This classic bike book written by the late Tom Chuthbertson and illustrated most excellently by Rick Morrall was originally published by 10 Speed Press in 1971. This book was actually the first book published by 10 Speed Press out of Berkley CA and was the inspiration for the press’s name.

Despite the cover being pretty rough and smelling like a wet oak barrel from being around cut wood too long the pages inside are in pretty good shape. Written as a guide for fixing bike, its intent was to demystify for the average Joe the art of maintaining and repairing one’s own bike, “Bicycles are not monstrous machines which only wizards can understand.” The book pretty much covers all one needs to know about bikes, at least at the time which it was written, everything from advice on what type of bike to buy to how to service your rear derailleur.

Great book , if you find a copy pick it up. Rest of the images can be found here.

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I had that book in… about 1974 while I was in college. Used it to keep my old Raleigh Supercourse (531 Reynold’s Tubing and Brooks Leather saddle) running until it was stolen ten years later.

Thanks for the memories.

Comment by Bill Chance

Had this book when I was 12 it helped me keep my paper boy bike running. Great illustrations and simple explanations made it possible for anyone to work on their bike.

Guess me and the guy above lived in the same kind of neighborhood because my Supercourse got stolen too! Cops got it back some how but it came back all tore up front derailleur was completely chewed up. Police refused to give me an address probably for the best. Felt about my bikes like John Travolta felt about his car in Pulp Fiction – “You just don’t fuck with a man’s ride!”

Comment by Chris White

Of course, young as I am, i am shocked that a book from the 70’s is considered a FIND! (laughter).. c

Comment by ceciliag

Noah this is exactly the kind of book I have been wanting. Wicked good find, thank for sharing!

Comment by Grace

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