Daily Documerica
January 23, 2012, 8:27 pm
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Photograph by David Hiser

Getting back to some normal inspiration around here… the other day I came across a great site from  NY Times Green Blog. The site is called Daily DOCUMERICA, and it is a collection of early 1970’s era photographs from dawn of the Environmental Protection Agency. In 1971 the newly created EPA announced a photodocumentary effort to capture the great changes taking shape in the American landscape.  Have a look and follow on tumblr for some daily EPA inspiration.

Photograph by Erik Calonius

Photograph by Deborah Parks

Photograph by Charles Steinhacker

A New Year
January 8, 2012, 9:22 pm
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It is with great sadness that I have to explain the reason for the lack of posts as of late to The WildWood. My father, an infinite source of inspiration and a rock in my life, passed away just before the New Year. It was a shock and still is to myself and my family. He will forever be with us in memory.

In his memory I wanted to recall one of the last experiences we shared together. It was the day after Thanksgiving, and we had just sent the ladies out to go shopping. Myself, my brother, and our Father headed over to the woods for a walk . These were the same woods that I had spent my youth running around in, exploring, pushing over dead trees, and riding bikes.  The leaves had all finally fallen from the trees and the sun had settled into its low hanging winter position, casting long shadows throughout the forest floor. It was a gentle walk, first past the old graveyard along some single track and then onto the creek crossing. Periodically along the way we stopped to chat about nothing extraordinary. At one such stop my father tilted his head back and let out a loud primal screech echoing through the woods, seemingly just to make sure he was still alive. At another stop we  took a piss on a fallen log.  It was as if the further into the woods we walked the more we reverted to some wild place inside.

When we finally reached the creek we stopped to sit on the rocks while the dog sat in and drank from the stream. We sat there awhile, not saying much, just enjoying each others presence. Before we left however we spotted down stream a beautiful and large fox with a big red tail. It was a rare sight for the time of the day, and in all time I had spent in these woods had never seen a fox like that. For several moments we were transfixed by its presence and then it continued down stream. After the encounter we made our out way out of the woods, satisfied with the time we shared and for having witnessed the beautiful fox that day.

The day after my father passed away I went out for my regular morning walk with the dog. When we got close to the woods I began thinking about that last walk I shared with my father. I was glad that one of the last memories I had with him could have been that time in the woods. Just as I was remembering that last walk a motion at the tree line caught my eye. At that moment a large fox, maybe the same fox, stepped out of the woods. Unfazed by my presence or my dog going crazy, the fox gingerly crossed the the street in front of us and was gone just as quickly as he appeared.

Last year I resoluted to spend less time reading about the outdoors and simply spend more time outside and in the woods. In this New Year I am going to double down on that resolution. I’ve gotta get back into the woods to walk, to fish,  to breath… and I have got to see that fox again.