Curt Gowdy and The American Sportsman

The American Sportsman was a television show that aired from 1965 to 1986. The show, which was probably one of the first to depict outdoor adventures, showed hunting and fishing trips by the show’s host along with celebrities such as Bing Crosby and Andy Griffith. The tv show got it start as 20 min segment on the Wide World of Sports which followed Curt Gowdy (who went on to host the show) along with the legendary Joe Brooks on a fly fishing expedition in the Andes Mountains. The eventually went on to become The New American Sportsman which covered all types of sports, and in doing so lost the appeal of the original which focused on outdoor adventures.

I recently found the book,The American Sportsman Treasury, which is basically the hardbound version of the original tv show. The book contains more stories and excellent photos from various fishing and hunting trips of the past by experienced outdoorsman. More of the images can be found here.


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This was a great show…I remember one episode where Peter O’Toole (I know, can you believe it?) was on fly fishing, and at one point he turns around and says, as only he can, “It’s savagely beautiful, Curt.” I howled with delight. They don’t make television like that, anymore!

Comment by Ray

Yeah it was pretty awesome and there are some excellent quotes from the show. I wonder if they have compiled them onto a DVD yet, would like to get my hands on a copy if so.

Comment by The WildWood

This is awesome. I can’t help but imagine those two guys with the stripers and surf rods are having a successful day at Great Point on Nantucket, what with the Mass plates on the Willys. Any more info on these books? Which volume you picked up? I would love to grab one of these for my father as a Christmas present.

Comment by Rob de Luca (@delucasaurus)

Amazing find!

Comment by ryan

Now that’s the kind of book I’d read! Lucky bugger! I’d love to have a flick through

Comment by WholeLarderLove

meat is murder!

Comment by alessandro

great find.

Comment by 10engines

What great memories growing up with great cleam cut shows like The American Sportsman. It is quite ashame you kids arent growing up with the same appreciation of life. As my generation did. May I thank Curt Gowdy for being one of many people. Who was a great idle tp grow up with. Thank God for living in America. Moe Morrow

Comment by Moe Morrow

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