Fall Browns
November 2, 2011, 7:49 pm
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Mountains in the clouds

Saturday I woke to a dusting of wet snow that was over by noon. Not willing to let a little powder deter me from my plans to fish, I headed out just as the sun broke. Driving, the sky really opened up and sun poured down. However as I slowly made my way over the mountain the clouds quickly returned and instead of driving in sun I found myself in a dense fog and snow.

                                                                                                                                                            Burning bush

For a moment I wondered if I had made the right decision and considered heading back, but as I descended to the other side the clouds once again parted and the sun was back.

A fine specimen

I made my way to the South River to fish a specially regulated area where a new brown trout fishery is trying to be established. Apparently there are some fish that have held over, however I mostly found smaller guys who had probably been stocked recently. Either way it was a glorious autumn day and the fishing not to bad either.

Trees on fire

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Beautiful! Did you fry up that fish or put it back?

Comment by pcoristi (@pcoristi)

Nah I didnt fry these little guys up, this is special regulation water, meaning no keeping. Anyways I am a pretty strict catch and release fly fisher, would have to be a specific circumstance for me to keep what I catch. If I eat em then I wont be able to catch them again when they get bigger.

Comment by The WildWood

Hey Wildwood. I’m going to be in Charlottesville taking a deer hunting class over turkey-day weekend, then fishing the Moormans on Monday (the TU section below Sugar Hollow Dam). Any interest in joining me? I recall you live in that area?

Comment by deadbait

Hey Deadbait! Ah man that class sounds great, wish I was going to be in town! would loved to have gone fishing with you. Next time? Seems like you get down in this area every once and awhile. That section is not bad, its certainly not the most picturesque fishing, however if you decide to go after some brookies you can easily follow the river up into the park and fish there. The TU stocked and managed section is fun though. Let me know if you want any other information about fishing that area or about Charlottesville for that matter.

Comment by The WildWood

Hey WildWood,

Was fishing Dry River last weekend and my partner and myself pulled in over thirty brookies combined. Most were 8-10 inch range. We were wondering if you know of a spot where the trout may be a little bigger and if you wanted to meet us out there one day? We may be going this Saturday morning! Wouldlove to send you pics of our last catch as well, we were Tenkara fly fishing.

Comment by Steve L.

and by partner I mean my best friend from my youth, not my wife. Not sure I could take her with me fishing…. I need peace when i fish. lol!

Comment by Steve L.

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