Forest Service Field Radio
August 2, 2011, 8:47 pm
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Several weeks ago while digging in a junk shop this particular canvas bag caught my. Once I pulled it from the shelf  and  opened it up I discovered it was a bag from the Virginia Division of Forestry. The bag, which contained an old radio, probably accompanied forest service rangers many years ago when they went out into the field.

The old Motorola radio definitely is no longer working, or at least I wouldn’t know how to begin bringing it back to life. Based on the tag found in the bag it seems as if it was on its way into the shop for repair and never made it out. The bag, which is made from heavy canvas, is itself in great condition and just needs a little cleaning and will be good for a trip back into the field once again.

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Comment by matthew hranek

What a beauty of a bag. Throw a nice worked in leather shoulder strap and your golden!!! Nice find!

Having some experience with electronics, those radios are built like tanks. its usually nothing major to have it working again, any walkie talkie shop could probably fix it for under a hundred bucks.. but the issue is probably finding a new replacement battery.

Comment by Chris Adamiak - Damn yak Dry Goods.


Comment by Geoffrey Holstad

great photos. i want a radio w/ a crank…

Comment by 10engines

Wow.. that’s quite a find. What kind of store did you find this in? I need to get out more often and try and pickup this sort of thing. Love the blog. Adding you now to my blogroll.

Comment by Rhon

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