The Parks in Your Backyard
June 22, 2011, 1:31 pm
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State Parks seem to be often over shadowed by the great National Parks system this country has, however chances are you live closer to a state park then a national one. I recently picked up an old National Geographic issue from 1961 that outlined some of the best state parks in our country by region at the time. The article mentioned state parks close to me like Hungry Mother State park that I didn’t even know existed.

The State Park’s article was of course inundated with the classic kodachrome pictures that the older National Geographic magazines are known for. I couldn’t help but to  scan and dump a handful here, you can see the rest of them here. Anyways I encourage you all to get out and visit your own state’s parks wherever you may be, there are probably some closer to where you live then you realize.

Little Martha
June 17, 2011, 6:44 am
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Little Martha was the only Allman Brothers Band song solely written by Duane Allman, and while there are many great songs by the band Little Martha could be my favorite. The song which first appeared on Eat a Peach was recorded by Duane only a few weeks before the motorcycle accident which took his life. You can find many covers of this song out there, however I always prefer the original. If you are going to listen to another guitar players version of this song they I insist it be the version by Mr. Leo Kottke.

Fried Summer
June 14, 2011, 7:53 am
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When you plant zucchini plants in the spring one thing is certain, you will have more zucchini then you know what to do with. However planting your own also means you get to harvest the blossoms which are very edible and pretty hard to come by unless you grow your own.

Its important to try to avoid picking the female flowers, as these are the ones that will actually grow into zucchini, you can pick the male ones freely, and some flowers the plant doesnt need it just drops. Dont worry about picking to many flowers, the plant produces many more then it does zucchini, and even if you do pick a few to many you are still bound to have a bountiful amount of zukes.

Cut the flowers down one side of the blossom and spread them open. Give them a dip in some simple batter a la Marcella Hazan, and fry them in a bit of oil. Add a little salt on after they are done and enjoy.

Henry B Kane

Its hard to find much information on Henry Bugbee Kane. The illustrator who lived from 1902-1971 provided some of the best illustrations to editions of outdoor classics like Thoreau’s Walden and The Maine Woods, along with other classics like Cache Lake Country by John Rowlands.


While you might have copies of these books already, if you find an edition with Mr. Kane’s illustrations its worth picking up, there isn’t a collection of just his prints out there…yet.