Kesler Woodward
November 30, 2010, 8:41 pm
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I first came across the artwork of Kesler Woodward when I saw his illustrations for the fly fishing book Bamboo Fly Rod Suite by Frank Soos. A resident of Alaska since 1971, his work both reflects on themes and scenes found in the “Far North” along with the landscape of the “Deep South.”

Along with his paintings Kesler has written about and helped author several books about other great Alaskan landscape painters include Eustace Paul Ziegler. Check out Kesler’s work here.


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reminds me of the Group of Seven

Comment by Yaun

Yuan, I never made that connection with the Group of Seven but I think you are right. Might have to post some of those Canadians work too.

Comment by nbolton

The Canadian Group of Seven have long been heroes of mine. I made a “pilgrimage” to Algonquin Park in early October 1989, to paddle Canoe Lake and visit Tom Thomson’s monument, and with my then four year old son and a few friends, paddle and portage from lake to lake in the Park for a week. I did a whole show of paintings the next year, based on that trip.

Thanks so much, Noah, for your interest in my work and for featuring it on your outstanding site!

Comment by Kesler Woodward

Kesler, thanks again for allowing me to show some of your work on this site. Your pilgrimage to Algonquin park sounds pretty amazing.

Comment by nbolton

As a Canadian I think we get so tired of learning about the Group of Seven in art class as kids that we tend to take them for granted. It wasn’t until my late teens when I met (my future) wife whose family had a connection to the artists that I came to appreciate them. It was pretty amazing to go into the bathroom of her uncles converted cottage home and see original G.of S. prints hanging on the wall. Kesler, if you happened to see the totem in honour of Tom Thomson in Algonquin it was carved by one of my wife’s relations.

Comment by Scott

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