Fall Hunting Reminders
November 5, 2010, 7:40 pm
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If you’re going hunting this season here are some helpful lessons to remember in order to bring yourself back alive.

Shooting from a car is not only unlawful in most states, but also unsportsmanlike and very dangerous.

Don’t put a loaded gun in a car at anytime, and even if you think the gun is unloaded don’t point it at yourself like this Nimrod is doing.

This man is using his gun as a lever to pry up some logs. Used in this fashion, gun is excellent lever for lifting yourself into eternity.

“Look ma no hands,” this man will soon be saying, “Look ma no head either.”

The question raised in this photo seems to be which of these two hunters will last the longest. Each has his gun pointed at the other.After examining the photo, we’re betting the man in the checkered shirt will be the first to go.

Guns make comfortable but unsafe leaning posts. This guy will keep dust out of the barrel but may put holes in the hunter.

This public service announcement brought to you by Popular Mechanics, circa June 1951

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Comment by matt

So many people become lax with firearm safety. Thankfully we have a mandatory safety course here in Oz…..however I think some people quickly forget the safety aspect as soon as their on the hunt.

Good old pics though. The safety aspect remains timeless.

Comment by daybookexchange

These are great!

Comment by The Saunterer

great stuff. headed to game supper tomorrow. #opening day.

Comment by jfox

James, what type of game supper is it? either way it sounds good to me.

Comment by nbolton

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