The Wilderness Cabin
October 6, 2010, 6:51 pm
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Free book are the best books. I found this one in a pile of books to be discarded at a local used book shop the other day. They were getting rid of it cause the cover separated from the spine. Anyways its going to come in real handy when I build my cabin in the wildernesss.

Along with providing various examples of the different typologies of cabins this book also lays out the tools and construction methods one can use to get the house built. Now I just need a small piece of land.

All the illustrations in this book are great, and by the wildlife artist Les Kouba. The rest of the set is here.


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Those illustrations are so spot on. Great find. I’m growing a collection of “log cabin” how-to’s on the old book shelf, and am constantly searching craigslist for cheap land in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Thanks for posting this one!


Comment by Geoff

I read a very inspiring article over 20 years ago about a woman who built herself a log cabin in the middle of the woods in British Columbia. Her descriptions of how she built this cabin by herself, transported and schlepped in a cast iron stove (by canoe and sheer grit!) made me realize life really is what you make it.

Comment by P.E. Coristine

I love stories like this one! So inspiring!

Comment by The Saunterer

P.E., that sounds like a great story, you dont happen to know that woman’s name do you? I’d like to read more about her.

Comment by nbolton

No, unfortunately I don’t. I had a look online to see if I could track it down, but no luck. I seem to recall she got permission to build the cabin in the midst of a provincial park in BC. I don’t remember the magazine it was in, most likely a Canadian publication, but I do believe the year was 1991 or ’92. If I find or remember anything else I’ll let you know!

Comment by pcoristi

wow! killer blog!

Comment by jay

Thanks Jay, can’t say enough good things about One Trip Pass and all of your other creative pursuits.

Comment by nbolton

Hey nbolton,

Re: the story about a woman who hand-built a cabin in the interior of BC, I think pcoristi may be referring to Chris Czajkowski. Check out her book Diary of a Wilderness Dweller. It’s probably been 10-15 years since I read it but, I seem to recall that the narrative was accompanied by some useful drawings and sketches. I understand that it was recently reprinted so, it shouldn’t be too hard to find.

Good luck,

Comment by bp

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