Rivanna at Shadwell
August 10, 2010, 6:29 pm
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I went fishing on the Rivanna River this past weekend at Shadwell, Thomas Jefferson’s birthplace, in search of smallmouth bass. Having caught them in these spots before and some just a few days earlier up stream from this spot I thought it would be no problem.

However in exchange for small mouth bass the river gave me a load of sunfish and bluegill, which in the end was alright with me.

The only companion I brought along was my friend beer. I picked up a pack of these Rolling Rock cans mostly because of their retro design. The taste however did not live up to the looks of the can, I will have to stick with the High Life.

Also a good discussion happening now over at NY Times about the ethics of catching and releasing fish vs keeping them to eat, worth a reading.


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Good stuff. Amazingly enough, a related article in that thread was written by my father on the subject of wether or not fish feel pain (with a pic of a little brookie I took). Small world.


Comment by Jedd Rose

Jedd, man thats great! I just went back and read his contribution, I agree with his position that its not always so black and white whether to keep a fish or not. Depends on the species and the habitat, at least thats what I got from it.

Comment by nbolton

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