Vintage Penfield
July 29, 2010, 11:45 am
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I know its the middle of the summer and we have many more 90+ degree days to endure however I wanted to show this gem of a down parka I found at a church yard sale about a month ago.

Not sure what vintage this old Penfield insulated parka is, however the thing is probably about 20 years old. The down/feather filling will be sure to keep me toasty this winter, but the thought alone of wearing it now makes me sweat.

They Will Appear Behold (Take 2)
July 28, 2010, 8:14 pm
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I know this is a re-post from a year ago, but I can’t get enough of these guys. One of my favorite bands and favorite song of theirs.

Enjoy Your Weekend
July 23, 2010, 11:09 am
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Whomever you are, wherever you are I hope your weekend is spent outside. I know I will mostly be inside working on my kitchen…make mine a little better by letting me know what you’re up to outdoors.

Images here.

Earth Basketry
July 21, 2010, 7:33 pm
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We like baskets, not sure we are about to start making them, but if we did this book would be our guide. Found recently at a yard sale, Earth Basketry has some amazing baskets and instructions illustrated by the author.

All the baskets utilize fibers or materials found from wild plants.

More images here.

July 15, 2010, 6:44 pm
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We have many totes, too many. Mostly collected from summer yard sales. Here are a few  well loved ones we have picked up this season. They might not be as tough as say these canvas tote bags, but they get the job done just the same and plus they have excellent nature themed prints on them.

Repairing Your Waders
July 14, 2010, 7:55 am
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Some tips for repairing your waders courtesy of Field and Stream circa June of 1957. Luckily I haven’t had any leaks in mine just yet, but I like the idea of fixing them myself so I can afford “five dozen new flies with the money saved.”

The illustrations and text are by Walter Dower, who contributed many drawings/illustrations and stories to Field and Stream magazine in the late 40’s and 50’s. He was also one of the illustrators behind Tap’s Tips, a reoccurring column in Field and Stream, and was responsible for the images in the classic fly fishing book by Corey Ford, You can Always Tell a Fisherman, But you Can’t Tell Him Much.

Tennessee Jed
July 9, 2010, 11:08 am
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Cold iron shackles and a ball and chain
Listen to the whistle of the evening train
You know you bound to wind up dead
if you don’t head back to Tennessee, Jed

Rich man step on my poor head
When you get up you better butter my bread
Well you know it’s like I said
You better head back to Tennessee, Jed

Tennessee, Tennessee
There ain’t no place I’d rather be
Baby won’t you carry me
Back to Tennessee

Happy Birthday America
July 4, 2010, 11:32 am
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Drink some beer, eat meat cooked over open flame, light some small explosives on fire, and celebrate your independence.

The Wood is Wild
July 3, 2010, 8:47 am
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After some thought we decided to create a new site to act as a clearing house for all the images that TheWildWood has collected since its inception. There are a lot images buried back in old posts on the site and we wanted a way to bring some of the collection back to the surface. Wood is Wild is where you will find these images. Check it early and often, hope you enjoy.