May 4, 2010, 4:23 pm
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With warm weather comes the frequent ability to cook quantities of meat over an open flame and during this past warm weekend I did just that. My favorite technique for this, as taught to me by my father, is not simply cooking meat over flame but rather bathing it in smoke.

Now I am no barbecue pit master, in fact I keep it pretty simple. I like to use apple wood and a bit of mesquite mixed in for a slightly stronger smoke flavor. For the chickens themselves, I go with an overnight brining and then a homemade dry rub.

And because one has to go through a bit more trouble to smoke meat, you can’t simply smoke a chicken, rather you must smoke chickens. And allow them to take a long nap in that smoker for about 4 hours, remove and enjoy with lots of beer.

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yeah those weber smokers are great. i got one. i did two turkeys on it last thanksgiving.

Comment by akil

love bbq~! good pics, you can almost smell the smoke:)

Comment by YYBHS

Akil, I agree, the smoker is essential for the turkey on thanksgiving.

Comment by nbolton

My lunch has successfully sucked everyday since tuesday. yer killin me. (well done though!)

Comment by matt

Monterey, VA. Thanks for the comment.

Comment by Brett

I keep coming back to this post for my daily dose of delicious. Gooood stuff.

Comment by Jedd Rose

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