April 19, 2010, 10:54 am
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Well the past couple of weekends have been the official start of the yard sale season around these parts. The wife and I have been hitting them pretty hard on a weekly basis. So far I have found some great treasures this year, here a few of my finds.

Vintage Coleman cooler with bottle opener on handle… will look better filled with beers.

An old Stanley thermos.

And a vintage L.L. Bean canvas duffle. The woman who I bought this from told me her and her husband would use this duffle on car trips with their family. Whatever they forgot to pack before heading out they would throw into this bag and then toss in the back of the car. I will use it just the same.

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we have a set of those bags. the dog used to get all wimpy when we brought them out cause she knew that meant we were heading on a trip. check ebay… wtf… these things are going for some coin now. why not reintroduce them i wonder.??? i think that LLBEAN Sig line has the models holding them… maybe they are coming down the pike.

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