Field and Stream – August 1968
December 9, 2009, 5:55 pm
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Came across this old copy of Field and Stream from August of 1968 recently. There are many more images to come from this however I was struck by some of the illustrations that accompanied some of the stories and articles in the issue. Graphically they are pretty excellent, what follows are the images and the titles of the article they were part of

The Rut : Some say cold weather triggers that time of year in moose country when the wise bulls start losing sense. Whatever the reason there is no mistaking the season.

Trophy Hunting and You : Going for a record head may sound like a good idea, but are you sure that you know what such a hunt actually involves?

A Gun for Greg : When a boy reaches adolescence without having gone camping or hunting, how is he going to find out about the fun of these sports? From his outdoor-minded mother, of course.

Some other illustrations from the magazine.

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Amazing post. These illustrations are awesome. Thanks!

Comment by Walter

Sweet find!

Comment by eric

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