The Outer Layers According to Leon L. Bean
October 16, 2009, 8:18 am
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It got wet and cold down here real quick yesterday. As I have posted before, here are some thoughts and examples from Leon L Bean and the Guide to the Outdoors on the subject of outer layers and winter jackets.

“The anorak shell comes from the Far North, where no one has adapted as well to a hostile environment as the Eskimo. (He also have us the kayak, probably to world’s most seaworthy small boat.)

“If you’re and upland hunter, stalking grouse, quail, pheasant or woodcock, you’ll want to dress as lightly as possible yet you’ll need protection against grasping bush and brambles.” (Talking about the Wool Mackinaw)


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I bought a great coat at LL Bean about five years ago. I had suffered through central Massachusetts winter with just a felt pea coat for years and I had finally had enough. I drove to Freeport and asked the clerk in the coat section for the warmest coat they had. I don’t even remember how much it cost. Unfortunately, the coat was TOO warm for all but the coldest days; now I live in southern Arizona and never wear it. I still love it and look forward to getting to wear it again in the future.

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