Packs According to Leon L. Bean
September 23, 2009, 8:59 am
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These drawings of various pack types come from the LL Bean Guide to the Outdoors, a book which I have written about before.

Designs for classic packs like the Duluth and also specific bags for taking on river trips in the canoe. Also Archival Clothing just wrote about vintage Duluth packs and has a link to some other great images.

Detailed drawing of and external frame backpack and the various types of frames available. You have to love the old aluminum external frame packs.

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The frameless weekend pack looks great. Gotta search one out. I just scored an old LL Bean duffle. Stoked.

Comment by newgrass

Yeah it is pretty nice. By the way I really like those canvas bags you made. After I saw them I began trying to talk my wife into sewing me a pack if I can find the pattern.

Comment by nbolton

LL Bean makes great stuff. I bought my favorite coat up there in Freeport.

Alex Carleton (he designs for Rogues Gallery) is designing a new line for them. Should be out in March 2010.


Comment by eric

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