Raleigh Professional
June 12, 2009, 8:54 am
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This past weekend I came upon this bike at a yard sale. When I saw it I knew I wasn’t going to leave without it. While I wasn’t familiar with the Raleigh Professional I could see that the bike had all Campagnolo parts including brakes. There was an old Brooks saddle on it as well which I immediately swapped onto my track bike.

I offered the seller $50, he agreed. So after getting it home I began to make plans for transforming it into more of a daily commuter bike. I had been looking for an old Raleigh 3 speed for awhile and figured this could take form into something similar. However after consulting my bike mechanic on how I might begin to transform the bike I learned the true value of this ride.

After some quick searching around the interwebs I found that this bike as it is, unmolested, can fetch almost two grand! And so I feel a sense of responsibility not to modify this bike, sell it to someone who wants to restore it, and have enough cash to buy a 3 speed and still have a bunch-o-cash left in my pocket. So as sad as it might be to let this beautiful bike go, it belongs with someone who will truely care for it and restore it to its original glory.

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Wow, nice ride. The color pallette reminds me of the Motobecane. I was first thinking, keep it, but 2,000 bucks can go a long way to getting exactly what you want. Great find my friend.

Comment by Kurt Petschke

hey, just wondering, but you likely sold this bike already? I’ve been looking for a raleigh just like this for sooo long!

Comment by michael

Actually I still have the bike, just haven’t got around to selling it. If you are really interested maybe we can work something out, send me an email.

Comment by nbolton

Nice Bike…from what I understand the Raleigh Professional was the bike that won the Tour de France in 1976. Corrections are welcomed. I have a mink blue Pro which I have been riding for over 30 years and in my opinion is still one of the finest bikes ever made.

Comment by George

Wow – that IS a beautiful bike – I am also curious, are you interested in selling the bike? If so, can you send me an email with a few photos and your thoughts? Thanks!

Comment by Steve

Hello, is this bike still for sale- I’m very interrested. Thanks!

Comment by Pete Hollingsworth

Pete, it could be for sale, let me know how to be in touch with you via email. thanks

Comment by nbolton

Hi, This bike would be a wonderful gift for my husband who has always wanted a raleigh professional. How may I contact you to discuss its sale? Thanks, Jane

Comment by Jane

hey- just wondering if you’ve found a buyer for this bike yet? I’ll throw an email…

Comment by Mike Giesbrecht

If you are interested in selling the bike, please contact me at us2161@hotmail.com. Thank you very much!

Comment by Pete Hollingsworth

I was on the fence whether or not to sell this, still up in the air…make me an offer

Comment by nbolton

I have one that I bought in 1977 what do you think I can ask for it. I am having new sew ups put on it today. It is in mint condition. I need to get my boat fixed and every where I go I can not leave it unattended.


Comment by Larry

Can you ship to the UK?

Comment by garygkn

I would ship for the right price. I would like to sell it…can you make me a reasonable offer?

Comment by The WildWood

I owned a ’78 Pro. I raced with it and even ‘toured’ on it. It came to a sad end a few years ago after leaving it in a bike shop when the down tube corroded through and broke. While I was waiting endlessly from a reply from the Raleigh rep about possibly replacing the frame, the store went out of business. Vanished. The bike was either thrown out or stolen. It looked terrible if you didnt notice the all-Campy gruppo. I have been looking for a replacement simply to restore and hang on my wall. It should be no bigger than a 24″ frame and metallic blue.
Anyone out there with such an item?


Comment by Lee Wolfson

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