The Original Green Warrior: Stewart Brand
April 25, 2009, 8:16 am
Filed under: Books, Wilderness Heroes

This weekend in the New York Times magazine, entitled “The Green Mind,” they published a brief interview with Stewart Brand the founder of the Whole Earth Catalog in the Domains section of the magazine. The Whole Earth Catalog was a groundbraking publication that promised “Access to Tools” and other alternative ideas about green and sustainable lifestyles. First published in 1968, the collection of resources has become a legendary publication that still inspires and informs.

Among a sleuth of other questions were some about his best and worst acid trips in which he describes being part of Ken Kesey’s Acid Trips. When asked what his drug of choice is today he replied, “I’m stoned right now on two cups of coffee.”

Here are a few more photos of a copy of the Whole Earth Catalog I have from the Fall of 1969.

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