New Tattoo
March 17, 2009, 10:29 pm
Filed under: Art

Been thinking of getting a new tattoo soon, commemorate graduating from grad school, and well its been awhile since I recieved my last one (also my only tat). Came accross some images recently that I have found particularliy beautiful and they got me thinking.leonard-baskin-edit

This first image is a work by Leonard Baskin, I believe its part of his prophets series, I was recently informed that he lived in Amherst MA. Not sure if I would get all of these guys, or just one.


This image is by Ben Shahn, not his most well known print or drawing but I really like the lion like line drawing that is in the background. I think it would make a great tat, just lines no shading. Here is another possible lion by Shahn, I would remove all the background layers and just get to line drawing of the lion.


And here is just one more painting by my new favorite Jewish surrealist Samuel Bak. i don’t think I could get this tattooed, but if I wanted a full color and like 50 hour tattoo I would consider one of his works.



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You should put Stevie’s name on your back in big cursive letters.

Comment by Your Wife

Man I was completely obsessed with Baskin when I was a printmaking student, good stuff, thanks for the reminder.

Comment by Jedd Rose

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