Object(s) of Desire : VW Vanagon Westfalia
March 15, 2009, 1:41 pm
Filed under: Object(s) of Desire

My love affair and want for one of these beautiful creations has been growing over the past few years, and lately I have been searching hard for a good deal on one. You’d be surprised on the resale value of these things, they retain their value even when they are in so-so shape. Anyways one day, hopefully sooner then later I will acquire one! And now for some fine examples of this specimen via flickr.

Some of these photos come from www.gowesty.com , a company that sells parts and refurbishes old Vanagons. They do beautiful work, but I can’t still believe the prices on some of their vehicles, kinda insane. I’m gonna have to find one for a lot cheaperl!

These images seem to capture the Vanagon in its nature setting. Not sure exactly why I like them so much, except probably that they  quirky symbol of adventure and of road tripping, something I have always desired for. Maybe one day, or perhaps just for lugging childen around town. Either way it be fun to do it in one of these.

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Remember the pop-top VW van that the Molnia’s had? We went on the camping trip with the Boy Scouts and Joshua slept in there when it started raining. You and I slept in the minivan.

Comment by Mausie

Yes, yes I do remember that, probably what started my love for them. Good camping trip.

Comment by nbolton

I’ve got a 1974, Westfalia, it’s in pretty good shape, I’ve had many an adventure in it. I’m trying to get the engine re-worked, and put in tip-top shape, so I can take it farther than the beach.

Comment by John Winter

[…] when I came across this FJ-80 about a year ago I bought it up. I had been seriously considering a Vanagon at the time, another vehicle I will have to own one day,  but the price was just right on this […]

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